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Welcome to the R Integration Pack

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CLICK HERE for the R Script "Shelf" that contains ready-to-go R Analytics

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While the User Guide is the primary source of documentation for the R Integration Pack, here is some initial information to help new users get started.

The R Integration Pack facilitates the deployment of analytics from the R statistical environment to MicroStrategy. It is intended to help MicroStrategy users extend the analytical features of the MicroStrategy platform using the capabilities of the R platform. The R Integration Pack requires a general understanding of the MicroStrategy Business Intelligence environment, such as creating metrics and using them on reports, as well as a familiarity with the R programming environment.

The R Integration Pack is an evolution of the FPWizard, an alternative approach to deploying analytics from R to MicroStrategy (see The primary difference is in the ease-of-use of the two approaches:

  • The FPWizard deploys R Analytics as MicroStrategy functions, which requires Microsoft Visual Studio and the MicroStrategy FPWizard add-in to compile each analytic into object code that is imported into MicroStrategy metadata.
  • This R Integration Pack eliminates the requirement for Visual Studio and compilation by providing a set of generic RScript functions that allow R analytics to be deployed to MicroStrategy as metrics instead of functions. MicroStrategy metrics are higher level objects that are generally easier to deploy than MicroStrategy functions.
  • Both approaches include a user interface for capturing of the analytic's "signature", the details about the analytic's inputs, outputs and any other essential characteristics. The FPWizard user interface was part of MicroStrategy FPWizard add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio. The corresponding user interface for the R Integration Pack is available through the R package "RIntegrationPack" and it's "deployR" utility.



  • MicroStrategy version 9.2.1 or higher must be installed. An exception is that to deploy a new R analytic as a derived metric in Visual Insight requires version 9.3.1.
  • MicroStrategy Architect is necessary for the one-time addition of the common RScript functions.


  • R must be installed on systems that will execute the R analytics deployed to MicroStrategy. This includes the MicroStrategy Intelligence Server and any MicroStrategy Desktop clients that execute R analytics as derived metrics. R is not required on other clients such MicroStrategy Web, MicroStrategy Mobile, MicroStrategy Visual Insight and MicroStrategy Office since they are consumers of analytics deployed to the MicroStrategy Intelligence Server.
  • R can be installed from
  • If the R Analytic has dependencies on add-on packages that are not included standard with R, those packages must also added to the R installation on the MicroStrategy systems.


The R Integration Pack includes two types of installations:

  • The installer provided on the Downloads tab of this site will update the MicroStrategy enviroment for executing R analytics.
  • The "MicroStrategyR" package can be installed as a standard R Package from


These are the high-level steps for deploying an R analytics to MicroStrategy:

  1. R Script: This is the R analytic to be deployed to MicroStrategy.
  2. Capture the R Analytic's signature: This is done in an R console using the deployR utility, which is part of the MicroStrategyR package.
  3. Deploy the R Analytic to MicroStrategy: This is done in MicroStrategy by creating a new metric using the metric expression provided by the deployR utility. The metric expression for each potential output also available in the R Script itself.

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