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image rendering and sourcing

Jan 22, 2014 at 10:20 PM
I'm using an R script via MicroStrategy to generate a JPG. That JPG is desired to be displayed in a document. I have no problem accomplishing this, however some folks are concerned that users might not see the correct graph if, say, two users execute the same document at the same time.

1) Is it possible that a user could execute a document, which generates a JPG via R, and before the document renders another user executes the same document which causes the JPG file to be overwritten, therefore displaying the "wrong" image to the original user?

2) If the above is possible, what are the best workarounds? One thing I tried to do was generate a random number in the R script and use that in the JPG file name. I then returned that random number in the MSTR metric (as a vector, actually), then used that metric name dynamically in the image source link. This seems to work in Desktop but not in Web! I don't understand that, which makes this workaround not possible without further input.

Curious to read any feedback.