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New Release of the R Integration Pack -- Jan 23, 2014

Jan 24, 2014 at 4:40 PM
MicroStrategy is proud to announce that we just released a new version of the R Integration Pack to CodePlex. This release was many months in the making and contains some compelling improvements for all R Integration Pack deployments.

The following key issues have been fixed in this release (also described in the ReadMe.txt that comes with the installation):
  • Switch from interactive to non-interactive: The R session used by MicroStrategy has been switched to non-interactive mode, in order to eliminate problems with R Script execution hanging due to problems with handling unexpected user interactions.
  • For example, in interactive mode, when a script that attempts to install a missing package but access to the default library is restricted, R will halt execution to ask if a personal library should be used. Unfortunately, when MicroStrategy executes the script, there is no one to answer that prompt and execution hangs at that point. In non-interactive mode, R doesn’t ask that question, which eliminates the hang, allowing script execution to abort with an error that can be caught and logged by MicroStrategy.
  • If your script has package dependencies, check out the R Integration Pack User Guide and the new CheckInstallPackages() function for reliably installing missing packages via an R script.
  • Removed string length limitations: Input/output strings were limited to 255 characters. This limit has been increased to 64K characters.
  • Script location: The working directory is now included in the search path for the script. If no path is provided by the _RScriptFile parameter, the following directories will now be searched in this order:
    1. the directory defined in the _WorkingDir parameter
    2. the directory defined in the RScriptsFolder registry key
    3. the RScripts folder, located at <RIP install root>\RScripts
  • Unsupported output data types: An error will now be logged if the script returns an output data type not supported by the RIntegrationPack.
  • Added VC++ runtime redistributables to Windows installer: The installer now ensures that the VC++ 2010 runtime libraries are installed, since they may not be available when installing with MicroStrategy 9.2.x releases.
  • The Windows installer has been enhanced to support the new MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop product
  • SeasonalForecasting.R script:
    • Added the specification of a CRAN mirror to the install.packages() call;
    • added new CheckInstallPackages() function, which handles missing packages;
    • set random number seed for consistency;
    • capitalized variable names that interact with MicroStrategy;
    • moved setwd() command into tryCatch().
  • Documentation updates: The User Guide has been updated for this release. Please see the "What's new in this guide" section for details. The R Integration Pack User Guide can be found at <InstallPath>/Documentation. It provides information on this product, as well as the corresponding deployR utility (provided by the MicroStrategyR Package, which is downloadable at The version of the guide included with this install is 09600105. The most recent version of the User Guide can be found at, on the Documentation tab.
The RScript function definitions were not altered for this release. Therefore, MicroStrategy projects that already include the RScript functions do not need to perform any metadata updates, just be sure to download and install the RScript Functions Installer to get the latest code and its fixes.

Many thanks to the engineers who worked on this release, especially David Dou, Tom Jorgensen, David Ubico and Tom Zink.

If you notice any issues, please log them on the Issues tab. And if you have any questions or comments, this is right place so that everyone can share in the discussions and benefit.

Thanks and good luck!